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Pete spent 30 years as an Environmental Health Practitioner before joining the Alzheimers Society in 2016 where he managed six weekly activity groups for people living with dementia in the community. In 2018 he set up TDWRadio an internet radio service which includes The ‘D’ Word the UK’s only weekly radio show that has dementia as its focus. The show currently broadcasts on the UK Health Radio network which attracts 1.2 million listeners every month. Pete lives with wife Gill, and their dog Benny. He has one daughter. 

Mary-Ann (pictured below on the left) is  an experienced operational manager with a passion for working across health, social care and the voluntary sector. She believes in creating independence and building resilient communities. She enjoys walking in the outdoors with her dog. She greatly values the benefits of physical activity on health plus the importance to mental well-being of connecting with other people and building relationships while doing activity like walking.

Jacqui is a “Carers Information and Support Officer” in Bury and so works alongside unwaged carers who support and care for a  family member, friend or neighbour. She has a background in therapy and uses these skills to help foster the health and well-being of the people she supports. She believes the benefits of walking in the great outdoors helps not only herself but also the people she works with. “Walking  – it’s simple and so accessible for all. It is the most inclusive way of improving our physical health and creates all kinds of opportunities to foster positive mental well-being.” 

Ali has a background of working as an Assistant Company Secretary at a small plc, where she gained a broad range of administrative experience. Her interests include walking, including hiking long distances, which she believes is so beneficial for both physical and mental wellbeing as well as being accessible.  She plays tennis, keeps her creaky back in check with Pilates and enjoys swimming outdoors including wild swimming in the Lake District.

Sue is a journalist by trade who has been covering sport for over 40 years,  inspired by Arsenal’s sudden deviation from plodding mediocrity when they won The Double in 1971. She has written a number of books including the award-winning autobiography of Paralympic athlete, Martine Wright as well as those of Sir Sir Andy Murray, Steve Redgrave and James Cracknell.  Sue has walked the Coast-to-Coast Path from Cumbria to North Yorkshire (painfully) and is honoured to be on the end of mascot dog Bernard’s lead during official Stepping Out walks.


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Stepping Out With Carers is a non profit organisation offering scenic, sociable, rejuvenating walks to carers and the people they support promoting physical fitness, mental health and well-being, social inclusion, reduced isolation and stronger communities. The walks, of different lengths to suit all capabilities, take place at multiple venues throughout the country with an emphasis on natural surroundings to maximise all the proven benefits of communal outdoor activity.

The model represents an innovative and carer-led approach to social care in the community and works in partnership with the NHS social prescribing campaign. It creates an accessible, inclusive and safe environment for people with long term health conditions, mental health issues and disabilities, allowing them and their carers to take part & providing new opportunities to participants who have traditionally faced a wide range of barriers to outdoor activity.


To increase health and happiness in the lives of carers and those they care for by embedding the joys of sociable outdoor walking in their day to day routine.


SOWCCic is a national Community Interest Company (CIC) founded in 2020 following 4 years of significant expansion and demand as a community group originating in Kent. It promotes outdoor social walking for all capabilities to carers and those they care for, a demographic that has traditionally found access to outdoor physical activity barred by apparently insuperable obstacles. It involves local volunteers, expert walk leaders and numerous partnerships with multiple organisations operating in a similar health/sport setting. It provides a safe, welcoming, friendly, can-do environment for all. Long term plans include growth to bring greater access to activity to more people in more places more often. 

Our Mission

To say “thank you” to unpaid carers * To offer accessible walks to suit all capabilities * To foster new friendships * To strengthen the bonds within the local community * To develop a love of the outdoors and an appreciation of the benefits of Nature * To help embed the joy of walking into everyday life of all participants – including those living with disabilities, long terms health conditions, mental health issues and loneliness.

Our Values

We believe that carers and those they care for – who often feel invisible to wider society and yet underpin the backbone of social care in the UK – deserve to feel appreciated as well as physically and mentally uplifted by getting together for scenic, sociable, rejuvenating walks. We seek to welcome all participants with a positive approach and determination to lower all the barriers to taking part. We believe in listening and responding to the needs of carers so that our delivery model is constantly revised to cater for the people we support.


SOWCic’s key objectives in relation to carers and those they care for are: 

Key objectives: 

– to improve physical health

– to improve mental health and well-being

– to embed walking/exercise in people’s everyday life

– to widen opportunities for people with disabilities

– to reduce loneliness and isolation

– to build a stronger, more resilient community

  • to have fun
  • to raise the profile of carers in the wider community
  • to foster valuable partnerships with other organisations (sport, health, carer etc)


Stepping Out with Carers is a Community Interest Company limited by guarantee. 

(No 12389880)


SOWCCic is managed by a Board of Directors include non-executive directors who represent the company, give vision and provide strategy and direction, running the day-to-day affairs and making decisions on major issues. Namely their duties & responsibilities are to: 

  • govern the organisation and establish objectives 
  • select, appoint, support and review the performance of staff members 
  • ensure the availability of adequate financial resources 
  • approve annual budgets 
  • be legally accountable for all the relevant policies and procedures. 

SOWCCic Board Members

Peter Hill – Chairman

Mary Ann Lindsay – Non-executive Director

Jacqueline Byron – Non-executive Director

Susan Mott – Executive Director

Alison Maxwell – Executive Director

SOWCCic recognises that there is a need for the Board to continue to contain diverse representation and we are committed to building on the diversity and equality values that we hold in place. 

7. Financial Position