Stepping Out With Carers

Spring is sprung and so are we… from the long winter lockdown caused by Covid 19. Stepping Out is delighted to announce our schedule of walks in 2021 featuring a wonderful array of venues from National Trust & English Heritage properties, to woodlands and coastal routes, to stately home gardens and urban canals networks, to Wildlife Trust sites and nature reserves. These are the walks as arranged so far. More will follow in due course.

Carers and those they care for in all our areas, as well as those prescribed the joy of walking by our NHS social prescribing partners, are welcome to book in with us for one, some or all the walks that suit their circumstances, subject to availability. Get in touch with us at or call your local carer support organisation.

We can’t wait to see everyone again as well as welcoming new participants. If we have learned anything during this last searing year, it is the value of something as simple as walking. Physical benefits, mental uplift, emotional respite and social connection comes with the package not to mention the sheer pleasure of being immersed in beautiful natural surroundings after all these months between four walls.

So we look forward to hearing from you. Here’s to fresh air, physical activity and friendship once again.

Very best,
The Stepping Out Team.

November 2020 Crowdfunder Update

Many thanks to ALL those who contributed to our Crowdfunder campaign to help raise the funds for our Stepping Out into Nature walks, as part of the NHS’s social prescribing initiative. We were so delighted to achieve our target with just a couple of nerve-racking days to go to the deadline. In great part the achievement was due to the generous contributions from our own carers and those they care for who benefit from our walks and we can’t thank you enough for your donations.As a result we’re thrilled to announce that Stepping Out Into Nature walks will take place next year throughout Hertfordshire, with pilots being run in Kent, Doncaster and Manchester too. The emphasis will be on fresh air, physical exercise and friendship at beautiful venues.The events will be open as always to carers and those they care for – with the welcome inclusion of those prescribed outdoor activity by various National Health practitioners in the area.

Just go to our contact page to get in touch if you would like to be part of our walking community. Whether we’re strolling along a seaside promenade, hiking through gorgeous woodland, roaming round ornamental gardens, exploring ancient castle grounds, visiting stately homes, wandering through scenic urban landscapes or enjoying spectacular countryside views – our walks (long and short) are designed to enhance everyone’s mental and physical well-being. With lunch to follow.

Look out for special events too, like our planned trip to English Heritage’s Audley End where award-winning wildlife writer Simon Barnes will be joining us and giving away copies of his magnificent book: “Rewild Yourself.”

Finally, huge thanks are due to Herts Valleys CCG, Dacorum Borough Council, Herts County Council and Sport England for their significant contributions and match funding.

No, not finally. That honour should go to Bernard, our mascot assistance dog, who starred in our film and modelled for the Christmas cards that contributors will receive as a thank you for their generosity. Typical. He gets all the attention!

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STEPPING OUT INTO NATURE in association with NHS Social Prescribing

Carers and the people they care for have suffered in many ways from the Covid19 pandemic. From physical inactivity, mental distress, loneliness & isolation, loss of social confidence. Walking in beautiful natural surroundings, amongst friends, enjoying fresh air and spectacular scenery is one of the simplest and finest antidotes to all they have endured. If only the walks could be offered on the NHS…..well, now they can.
Stepping Out with Carers CIC has been offering walks like these  since 2016 and has now teamed up with the NHS in Hertfordshire to offer them to people struggling after lockdown and their carers as a wonder drug with only beneficial side-effects. The positive power of walking can benefit to people with diabetes, cardiovascular health issues, cancer, lung disease, arthritis, back pain, dementia and other mental health issues and act as a life-enhancing, mood-lifting, vitamin D-absorbing, muscle-toning all-round joy.
The money we raise from this appeal will go directly to the walks – to pay for venues, transport, refreshments, walk leaders, volunteers, special support for those with particular disabilities, Covid19-related precautions, and the infrastructure to make the walks happen. The walks are free to carers and those they care for. A day out with all the stresses removed is our way of saying thank you for the quiet heroic lives they have been leading – not just for the last six months but, in some cases, for years and decades before that.
Please help us, this unique partnership between Stepping Out and the NHS, to raise the funding to support carers and the people they care for – and put a spring in their step.
Thank you.

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STEPPING OUT INTO NATURE in association with NHS Social Prescribing

Every adventure begins with the first step

Welcome to Stepping Out – a series of scenic, sociable, entertaining walks in some of Britain’s greatest beauty spots, created especially for carers and the people they care for. It’s a mini-break – with all the organisational stresses removed.

Every venue hosts two walks – a brisker, longer walk around 3 miles for those who want to explore the local scenery and a shorter walk, up to a mile, on easy terrain suitable for anyone in a wheelchair or with mobility issues.

All are guided with local knowledge and expertise by volunteers from the Ramblers. Following the expeditions, all walkers come together for a convivial and communal lunch.

These walks are tailored to specific needs. Benches, disabled loos and pubs are at the forefront of our thinking. Where possible, we also provide free transport (with space for wheelchairs) for those who find it difficult to reach the venue.



Do get in touch if you are:

A carer or someone cared for – and you would like to know more about the availability of Stepping Out in your area. So far, we operate in Kent, Manchester, Doncaster, Hertfordshire and Essex.

A Ramblers group who would like to trial a Carers’ Walk in your area.

A community group or sponsor who would like to support the life-enhancing, health-promoting, fun-inducing value of walking and talking with friends.


Delivered by Stepping Out in association with Carer Support Organisations.

Funded by the National Lottery through Sport England